Priests and lay Catholics consulted

Priests and lay Catholics are being consulted over who Rome’s next Vicar General will be.

This is the first time a consultation process has been set up for this purpose.

Usually the Pope is completely responsible for choosing the Vicar General.

The current Vicar General, Cardinal Agostino Vallini, is 77. He will retire mid next month.

Roman priests and lay Catholics have until 12 April to make “suggestions on the profile of the next vicar and also eventually several names”.

In all, 36 leaders of the Roman diocese are involved in the consultation process.

The diocese includes 334 parishes and caters for 2.8 million people.

Fr Luc Forestier, director of the Institute of Religious Studies at the Catholic Institute of Paris says although “consultation before appointing a bishop is, in itself, something quite normal,” the current consultation is unusual.

He says its novelty is that “it has taken place publicly among all the faithful even if they are not widely informed”.


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