US Peace Corps 50 years in Samoa – Catholic schools among the beneficiaries

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Catholic schools are among the many organisations in Samoa that have been enriched by the work done by the United States Peace Corps.

The Government of Samoa first invited Peace Corps to Samoa in 1967

In the 50 years since that time, over 2000 Peace Corps Volunteers have served in Samoa

They have helped build the capacity of local teachers by serving in classrooms, working directly with students and supporting the professional development of teachers.

Former Peace Corps Director, Carrie Hessler-Radelet taught English at Paul VI College in Leulumoega from 1981 to 1983.

“At the end of the day, what we’re really trying to do through development is unleash the incredible power that each person has to contribute to this world.” she says.

Countless Samoans have adopted Peace Corps Volunteers into their families, treating them as their own, loving them and caring for them.

They have helped the volunteers to learn about the traditions and culture of Samoa and have ensured the volunteers experience the generosity of the Samoan spirit.

During her visit to Samoa in 2015 Hessler-Radelet was able to catch up with her host family. (see photograph).

“Reunited with my host mother, Losa, after all these years! Her warm smile is still contagious,” she said.

Hessler-Radelet’s host father, Viane, was a farmer. There were 9 children in the family.

One of her host sisters, Roselia, was only 11 when Hessler-Radelet returned to the USA.
Roselia went on to become a lawyer.

She attributes her success to the love of her parents and her father’s support for her education.


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