Flashmobs, social media, young people and the Pope

Flashmobs where congregations come together and worship then disappear aren’t what a church experience is about Pope Francis told students at Roma Tre University this week.

Nor is social media a reflection of reality, he added.

A video recording of  his talk was made for World Youth Day, which takes places on 9 April.

Rather than flashmob and social-media experiences, Francis suggested young people to spend more time with their parents and grandparents.

He urged them to talk instead of concentrating on their Smartphones.

“To have a past is not the same as to have a history”, he pointed out.

“In our life we can have plenty of memories, but how many of them are really a part of our memory? How many are significant for our hearts and help to give meaning to our lives?

Francis particularly asked his young audience to become more like Mary, who would have learned her prayers and faith from her parents and grandparents.

This year’s World Youth Day will focus on the Magnificat phrase: “The Mighty One has done great things for me.”



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