Promise Jesus and me not to bully anyone, Pope asked teens

Promise Jesus and me not to bully anyone, Pope Francis asked 45,000 teens when he met them in Milan last Saturday.

He also told their teachers to be aware of the bullying problem.

“I ask you, in silence: In your schools, in your neighborhoods, is there someone that you mock? That you make fun of because they look a little funny because they are a little fat?

“Is there someone you like to embarrass and hit because of this? Think about this. This is called bullying.” Francis said.

Many of the young people Francis was speaking to will be confirmed this year.

He made a special appeal to them in particular.

He asked them to use their confirmation to “make the promise to the Lord to never do this”.

They must “pray that it doesn’t happen in their schools, neighborhoods, or parishes”.

After asking them to promise this and being dissatisfied with the energy behind their response, Francis asked them again and again if they would promise not to bully and if they’d ask for Jesus to help them.

Finally they they roared out their answer.

Francis was satisfied.


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