Tyburn nuns buy founder’s house in France

Tyburn nuns have bought their founder’s house in France.

Donations for the purchase came from all over the world.

The Tyburn nuns‘ founder, Mother Marie Adèle Garnier, was born in the house in 1838.

The nuns hope the house, which in Grancey-le-Château, a Burgundy town in the Archdiocese of Dijon, will become a place of piligrimage.

They say this is important as as Mother Marie Adèle Garnier’s Cause towards sainthood progresses.

They intend renovating the house, which has been used as a police station and as a tourist information office.

The renovations will include making a chapel inside the house.

The nuns also intend to make a museum and information centre dedicated to the life of Mother Marie-Adèle.

Other plans include converting part of the house for use as a small conference and retreat centre for day groups and some overnight guests.

The nuns still require funds for the renovation work and are actively seeking church pews and other furnishings.

They hope to have the house ready to open to the public by the European autumn later this year.

The Tyburn nuns have convents in several countries including New Zealand.



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