Wellington Synod – selection of participants begins


The Wellington Archdiocese has have moved into the phase of the Synod preparation which involves identifying the 350 people who will take part in the Synod weekend.

Parishes have been sent information about the number of participants they should select to attend the Synod.

Guidelines for selecting the participants were included with the numbers. They include the demographic and socio-economic diversity of the parish and personal qualities of the people being considered.

Other people will also receive letters of invitation to participate in the Synod because of their role in the Archdiocese.

In his newsletter Cardinal Dew said “The Synod is not a place for pushing agendas, or re-litigating parish amalgamation issues. We need to understand that the Archdiocese is the local Church, and that each parish is part of the local Church not an entity unto itself.”

“The Synod will be a discernment process, listening to the Spirit and to one another as we seek to understand where God is leading us, which is why we need prayerful, listening participants.”

“Imagination on is also important, as it is a powerful way in which the Holy Spirit can introduce us to new ways of understanding and acting.”

The topics for a diocese-wide participation process which begins in May are:

  • Leadership
  • The peripheries of society
  • Relations with Māori
  • Ethnic diversity
  • Our own (Church) peripheries
  • Refugees and migrants
  • Care for creation
  • Ecumenism
  • The young Church
  • Marriage and family

A booklet to enable individuals and groups to reflect on and provide input on these topics will be sent out in early May.

It will also be available online. There will be a variety of ways in which respondents can submit their input.


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