Young and old struggle to support their families


A lot of Samoan people are saying it is getting hard to earn enough to support their families.

21-year old Fereti Maiava wants to plan his future and that of his young family properly.

He told Village Voice that family and church obligations are a big problem.

“When it comes to family faalavelave, church and villages donation it cost us lots of money. But it’s a must to do it.”

Fereti does not have a job.

“I am looking for a job but in the meantime we have a plantation to earn our food and money.”

“Hopefully one day I’ll get a job so that I can give my family the best life.”

40-years-old Samuelu Soso has a job as a security officer but he told Village Voice with the minimum wages, people are struggling.

“People with minimum wages like us can only pay for food and other small things but for fa’alavelave and huge contributions this is when we consider doing loans.”

56-year-old Sefo Pesamino’s worst fear is not being able to help his family – especially his children.

When village Voice visited him he was hard at work in the plantation. He told Village Voice “I do this for my family and my children,” he said.

Sefo has been a farmer since a young age.

“I have worked at planting taro, banana and more for a long time,” he said.

“This is where my children are provided for financially until they are old enough to have their own families.”

Sefo says life is a struggle but people have just got to learn to manage.

“The problem is when I don’t have money sometimes,” he said. “When that happens, I feel like I’ve neglected my family.”

“There are times when I get angry at myself for not having a job to provide but I accept that this is who I am and what I do best.”



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