Marijuana on Religious Grounds?

In April a church for marijuana lovers opened in Denver.

Dubbed the “International Church of Cannabis,” the group says it will ultimately serve as a “spiritual home to adults who seek to become the best version of themselves by way of the cannabis flower — a sacrament regarded as a gift from the universal creative force.”

“Church members are called Elevationists. “Our lifestance is that an individual’s spiritual journey, and search for meaning, is one of self-discovery — and one that may be accelerated and deepened with cannabis use. Continue reading

Some people find this church deeply offensive;

Not everyone was happy to hear about the new church. Dan Pabon, a Democrat in the state’s House of Representatives, had a bill on marijuana regulation making its way through the legislature. On Thursday morning, he tried to add an amendment banning cannabis consumption in churches.

It was, he said, a move inspired by the International Church of Cannabis.

Elevation Ministries “is basically leveraging and capitalizing on the usage laws that we have in Colorado,” he said. “I think it offends both religious beliefs everywhere, as well as the voters’ intent on allowing legalisation of marijuana in Colorado. Continue reading

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