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A change in city centre ministry could be on the cards for Wellington’s St Mary of the Angels parish.

The possible additions to the current outreach at the newly earthquake strengthened Church, are the result of an Alpha Leadership Course and meeting of Marist city centre ministers held recently in London.

The changes are floated by a member of the St Mary of the Angels staff, Fr Kevin Conroy, who attended the early May leadership conference, along with 6,000 people from all denominations.

“Could St Mary of the Angels Parish, through Alpha Catholic courses, alternative liturgy styles, and focussed intercessory prayer by a core group of the parish, reach out to more people in Wellington?” asks Conroy by way of reflection.

Energy and hope

Conroy described being with thousands of mainly young and passionate about being christian, as giving him “energy and hope”.

Labelling the conference input as “high quality”, He said for him Cardinal Tagle and Jean Vanier were the standout speakers

“They moved me by their simplicity, joy and wisdom”, he reflected.

Conroy said Cardinal Tagle described a church leader ‘as someone needing a compelling vision,’ and who, on a practical level, has the opportunity to ‘model their vision when they meet people.’

Developing the Cardinal’s observation,  Conroy quotes him: “Often people come with dilemmas rather than problems to be solved, and a good leader helps a person find meaning rather than give a solution”.

Conroy summed up Vanier’s definition of leadership as simply, “helping people to grow in their humanity by listening well to them”.

Alpha endorsed

The Alpha conference was endorsed by several high profile Catholics including Cardinal Christoph Schonburn and Preacher to the Papal Household, Fr Raniero Cantalamessa.

In an interview Cardinal Schonburn says Alpha helps us to be less afraid in bringing people to Jesus; it brings us joy.


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