Solo Mother who supported City Mission campaign gets cruel comments on social media

Auckland  City Missioner, Chris Farrelly, has written to the New Zealand Herald saying he was “troubled immensely” by the comments on Facebook about  a story featuring a solo mother of six.

The story  was part of the Mission’s Mothers’ Day fundraising campaign.

“It was at odds with what I know of the brave and resilient mothers and grandmothers we work with and also the kindness and generosity that are such a part of our community,” he said.

For Mothers’ Day the Auckland City Mission celebrated the resourcefulness of the mothers and grandmothers who visit the mission, by highlighting an example of the sacrifices they make to feed their children.

The  Mission decided to focus feminine hygiene products and the reality that mothers have to ask the Mission to provide these items because they need to spend all their funds on finding food for their children.

This mother hoped that she could personalise and humanise the issue by telling her story.

She spoke openly and readily about the reality of raising her family in poverty, raising awareness of the issue.

Subsequently, numerous people have taken to Facebook to write vitriolic messages to her and her children.

“Unconstructive and judgmental statements directed at individuals won’t solve this they will just damage further the pride and resilience of already vulnerable and marginalised people,” said Farrelly.

He  said when he became City Missioner he was unprepared for the intolerance and critical judgment placed on families and individuals living in poverty, by some members of our community.

“It is at odds with the caring, compassion and awareness displayed by so many others,”  he said.



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