Who said Francis did not smile when he met Trump?


Proir to the meeting between Pope Francis and President Trump Bishop Steve Lowe of the Hamilton Diocese, said he was optimistic about the meeting even if they did not agree on the common issue.

It seems Lowe’s optimism was not misplaced. According to a statement released by the Vatican Press Office, the discussions, which lasted about 30 minutes, were cordial.

However, in general the media have stuck to their prepared text.  A tweet calling Francis  “my favorite angsty teen’ went viral.

But as Sarah Pullia Bailey pointed out in the Washington Post, there are plenty of photos and videos of the pontiff smiling with Trump.

Lowe pointed out that that while agreement on issues discussed between the two leaders may not be on the cards, it would be an interesting meeting of two of the most prominent figures in the world.

“President Trump’s itinerary is fascinating in itself in that he is meeting with leaders from the Muslim, Jewish and Christian world who have such differing views in a complex global situation,” Lowe said.

“The Pope and President coming face to face, even if it is to air their differences, cannot be a bad thing.”

“As Pope Francis has said recently, ‘Look for the doors that are at least a little bit open, enter and talk about common things and go on. Step by step. Respect the other, say what you think, but with respect, walk together.'”

“Respect and walking together is certainly what the world needs and would be a great outcome of the meeting and the President’s tour,” said Lowe.

The Vatican press release said, “Satisfaction was expressed, for the good existing bilateral relations between the Holy See and the United States of America as well as for their joint commitment in favour of life, and freedom of worship and conscience.

“It is hoped,” it added, “that there may be serene collaboration between the State and the Catholic Church in the United States, engaged in service to the people in the fields of healthcare, education and assistance to immigrants.

The discussions, it also noted, “enabled an exchange of views on various themes relating to international affairs and the promotion of peace in the world through political negotiation and inter-religious dialogue, with particular reference to the situation in the Middle East and the protection of Christian communities.”

Vatican Radio:

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