Religious groups and Trump’s climate change

Religious groups are reacting strongly to President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the 2015 Paris climate change agreement.

The United States is now one of three nations – the others are Syria and Nicaragua – not committed to the voluntary restrictions outlined in the agreement.

Many worry about the effect Trump’s decision will have on the poor, as the planet’s resources become further compromised by the effects of climate change on the environment.

American Cardinal Blase Cupich expressed his dismay at the decision:

“Environmental stewardship is a global issue and requires a spirit of cooperation, not the national individualism sadly displayed …”  he tweeted.

Bishop Oscar Cantú, who is the chairman of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops committee on international justice and peace, said:

“The President’s decision not to honor the U.S. commitment to the Paris agreement is deeply troubling.

“The Scriptures affirm the value of caring for creation and caring for each other in solidarity.

“The Paris agreement is an international accord that promotes these values.”

Pointing out the decision will harm the poorest and most vulnerable people in the US and the world, Cantú added:

“I can only hope that the President will propose concrete ways to address global climate change and promote environmental stewardship.”

Asma Lateef, director, Bread for the World Institute said:

“The world will not be able to end hunger without addressing climate change.

“Unfortunately, [it will now be] much more difficult to reach this goal.”

Another to expressing his concern was Robert Bank, president and CEO of the American Jewish World Service.

“We stand proudly as Jews who cherish the Earth to object in the strongest terms to the President’s shortsighted and damaging decision, he said.

Pope Francis gave Trump a copy of his encyclical on the environment – Laudato Si – when Trump visited the Vatican last month.

It is not know in Trump has read the document yet.


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