Archbishop Chong urges school teachers to use visual media


The archbishop of Suva,  Peter Chong, has called on Catholic teachers to be creative in their teaching skills so students can enjoy learning.

He said  one of the effective ways to teach children today was to make use of visual media.

“That is the culture we are living today. The children of today are ‘screen aged’ so they learn faster when they see pictures on the screen,” he said.

“It’s a very powerful tool and children nowadays don’t read much like we did in our young days.

“They want to see something on the screen and that’s the culture of children today, so we definitely need to be creative and there’s a lot of resources in the internet to use.”

On a trip he made to Brisbane in Australia for a conference,  Chong said a theologian revealed that he also taught children through movies.

“If you are talking to children and then you show them a screen with pictures or a movie about the lesson you are teaching, they will all turn their heads to the screen,” Chong said.

Chong was speaking at a meeting with church members, including Catholic teachers in the North on Sunday night.


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