Muslims lend Christians hijabs to escape ISIS

Muslims are helping their Christian brothers and sisters escape ISIS militants in the southern Philippines city of Marawi.

About 1,000 residents are said to remain trapped in the besieged city. Fighting continues around them between the Philippine Army and Islamist rebels.

Escape stories are emerging. “Some of the stories that stuck were Muslims helping protect Christian workers by letting them borrow a hijab,” a relief worker says.

Others report that people have swum across the river and lake to safety to escape the attacks.

An alliance of faith-based, service organizations, human rights and people’s organizations is providing relief and medical services to victims and evacuees.

They are also documenting human-rights violations brought about by the declaration of martial law.

So far, negotiations for a ceasefire have not been effective.

This is leaving residents remaining in the city in a dangerous situation. If they go out they may be killed in crossfire. If they stay in hiding they may die of starvation.

One family has texted for help. They say they have started to eat the blankets because they’re so hungry.


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