Pope’s simple styles create fashion following

Until Pope Francis, papal fashion was not known for its simple styles.  The papal tailors and shoemakers had their place in the sumptuous papal wardrobe.

The pope’s elegance was an attribute many clergy strove to copy. The delectable heavy velvets, silks and satins, fine cottons, jewels, embroideries, fine lace, furs – church was a wonderful exhibition of ecclesiastical high fashion.

Not any more though. That’s just not Francis’s way. He prefers a plainer approach, much to the dismay of Italy’s tailors and shoemakers.

Clergy from around the world are said to be copying him.

Like Francis, they are choosing simpler, less expensive fabrics. He’s seeking wool instead of silk. So are they. Simple metal or carved wooden pectoral crosses are replacing their jeweled ones. Embroideries, custom made shoes and bespoke suits are now seen as too fancy.

Tailors and shoemakers used to dressing popes complain what they call Francis’s ‘papal athleisure’ is hurting business and “making Sunday mass a lot less fabulous.

“It’s not a question of agreeing [with the pope’s choices],” said one, adding Francis’s styles are “maybe too plain compared to how [it was] before.”

Most days Francis can be seen in a white soutaine paired with ordinary black shoes.

“I don’t exclude the possibility that in the evening he just puts it [his white soutaine] to wash, and wears it again the next morning,” the tailor said.


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