Youth winning Jericho: walls tumbling, bridges being built

A new youth centre in Jericho is uniting Christian and Muslim young people and has become “a school of peaceful co-existence”, as was intended when it opened earlier this year.

The school is open to all people in Jericho who are aged 14-29. Most are Muslim.

The Franciscan-owned and run centre offers free courses in topics such as English lessons, art, theater and computers, as well as sports.

Those attending the school are enthusiastic.

“I want to be a professional photographer,” said one student who has spent most of his summer at the center. “I can improve my skills in this class.”

The professional training the photography students also learn about digital media in general, as well as videography and radio production.

A digital media student from a local university says the class “is giving students the opportunity to enhance their individual creativity and see things in new ways.”

USAID (United States Agency for International Development) and ANERA (American Near East Refugee Aid) contributed to the costs of setting up the centre.


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