Vatican sets anti-corruption goals for 2018

The Vatican office for justice has set anti-corruption goals for 2018. The goals, which were released on Monday, emerged from an International Debate on Corruption.

The debate was organised by the International Consultation Group for justice, corruption, organized crime and mafias, which is part of the Vatican dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development.

The Consultation Group co-hosted the debate with the Pontifical Academy for Social Sciences.

The debate’s 50 participants came from all over the world. They included anti-mafia and anti-corruption magistrates, bishops, Vatican officials, representatives from the U.N. and various States, heads of movements, victims and ambassadors.

As a result of the debate, the Consultation Group issued a joint text highlighting  the participants’ anti-corruption priorities. These were accompanied by 21 goals and actions points they hope to accomplish in the coming year.

They say their role will be “educational and informative, and will address public opinion and many institutions to create a mentality of freedom and justice, in view of the common good.”

In their opinion the consequences of corruption are not often recognised, so people are “unaware that an act of corruption is often at the base of a crime.”

The Consultation Group says it aims to intervene and “fill this gap, especially wherever, in the world, corruption is the dominant social system.”


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