Children given to Boko Haram as suicide bombers

boko haram

Children, especially girls from the North-East of Nigeria, are being donated by their parents to Boko Haram for indoctrination and suicide bombing missions.

This practice must stop, says the Nigerian Army. It is begging religious, traditional and community rulers  to dissuade parents from donating their children as sacrifices to be strapped with Improvised Explosive Devices, and blown to pieces.

Brigadier-General Sani Usman, says his appeal follows information made by some arrested suicide bombers.

“It was discovered that most of these hapless minors were “donated” to the terrorist sect by their heartless and misguided parents and guardians, as part of their contribution to the perpetuation of the Boko Haram terrorists’ dastardly acts against the Nigerian society and humanity.

“The acts of these parents and guardians are not only barbaric, but condemnable and unacceptable.

“Nigerians have a responsibility and obligation to collectively mould our children and wards and define a better future for them rather than condemning them to death by the criminal Boko Haram terrorists and their sympathisers through suicide bombings,” Usman says.


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