Google Hangout seeks Catholic YouTube evangelists

Catholic YouTube users could help evangelise others, say those who took part in a recent Google Hangout.

At its first Catholic YouTubers Hangout meeting last month, dozens of Catholics from about 50 channels met online to discuss ways of bringing the Gospel to their YouTube channels.

Organiser Daniel Glaze said the idea for the Hangout came to him when he was watching a Catholic YouTube video and started wondering whether Catholics on YouTube knew each other or ever collaborated together.

Soon after finding others had similar questions the Catholic YouTubers Hangout had its first meeting. The free online conference was open to any Catholic YouTube channel.

These were defined as channels where the content explicitly talked about Catholicism and the Catholic church, or the creator of a channel is a Catholic who is letting their faith influence their work.

The Hangout goals are to create a community of Catholic YouTubers, and to encourage further collaboration within that community.

This community of Catholic YouTubers is necessary, Lewis said, because “Catholics need to get their voice in the hyper-progressive, strictly materialistic, and atheist and agnostic conversation happening on YouTube.”

He said he has two aims: firstly he would like a “Catholic YouTube” of sorts – a corner within the platform dominated by explicitly Catholic conversations and creators, like there is on Twitter or Instagram.

Lewis says he also wants Catholics to be “part of every other corner of YouTube. We should be earning our rights to be heard in the conversations happening on ‘Gamer YouTube,’ ‘Politics YouTube,’ or ‘Movie-Nerd YouTube,’” he says.

“Having both of these [aims] is important to spreading the Gospel. The first is important for answering the explicit questions of people interested in the faith, the second is important for putting the Gospel in new places among the people of the world.”


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