Integrating migrants and refugees into the New Zealand way


In a Stuff/Massey University election survey respondents said people coming to New Zealand are not adapting to the way of life here.

Pope Francis addresses this question in his statement for next year’s World Day of Migrants and Refugees

In this statement, which was released this week, Francis says receiving nations need to do more need to do more to “integrate migrants and refugees in the communities that welcome them.”

However, the Pope made it clear that “integration does not mean the newcomers will be asked to give up their cultural identity.”

He says migrants and refugees must have “opportunities to share their cultures and to discover the cultural heritage of their new communities.”

The Stuff/Massey survey revealed that only 14 per cent of survey respondents thought immigrants should bring their way of life to New Zealand.

The majority of people thought migrants needed to “learn to do things the Kiwi way”

53 per cent – of people agreed migrants should learn how things were done in New Zealand while 33 per cent didn’t mind what they did – as long as it was legal.

55 per cent of people thought the immigration rate was too high, 40 per cent thought it was about right and only 5 per cent thought we needed more.

More than half – 72 per cent of people wanted stricter control of foreign ownership and 20 per cent thought our land should be for Kiwis only. Only 8 per cent welcomed more foreign investment.

39,644 voters responded to the reader-initiated online survey which was conducted in May.

It wasn’t designed to represent the population. It was not scientific and people chose to take part – or not.

But the number who did participate represent more than 1 per cent of voters.

Where do the Parties stand on immigration?


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