If Samoa is a Christian State can you work on Sunday?

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A woman in Samoa has accused the government of being hypocritical because it is allowing construction work to be done on Sundays even though the constitution now says Samoa is a Christian State.

“As a Christian country, our day of worship is on Sunday,” Tuilaepa Soiamoa Grey told the Samoa Observer.

“I have nothing against the government’s decision to make Samoa a Christian state. I fully support it.

“But what I find contradictory and hypocritical, is when the government changes the constitution, yet allows foreigners to disrespect our day of worship by continuing to do hard labour on Sundays.”

Tuilaepa lives next to a construction site at Vaitele. The workers are Chinese and they have been working on the Pesega Fou School on Sundays in the past months, without any consideration for others, according to Tuilaepa.

“It’s really disturbing that I cannot have a peaceful Sunday when these Asians are doing hard labour work,” she said.

“What is the robustness of the Samoa Constitution when it comes to these Asians who are conducting heavy labour work on Sundays?

“What’s more annoying is that their actions are a clear indication they have no respect for the laws of the land.

“Samoans take the day off, they attend church and if you don’t go to church, you still cannot do such heavy work on Sundays.

“Why is it that we are a Christian country, yet there are people who work hard labour on Sundays? These Asians clearly have no respect for our traditions?

“Each and every Samoan knows that we don’t do any hard labour work; what makes them any different? They are visitors to our country, whether they are citizens or not, they should respect our traditions.”

Tuilaepa reiterated that these Asians should respect Samoa’s tradition and culture.



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