Sir John Key – child poverty amongst regrets

Sir John Key

When Sir John Key knelt to receive his knighthood in mid-August, he reflected on what he had achieved as prime minister, while also regretting that he hadn’t solved child poverty and other social issues.

Sir John says “No one wants to see children that are hungry or families without homes.”

He believes that his government did make improvements but he says the issues are long-term: “You can’t click your fingers and achieve a solution to every problem.”

Sir john says future governments will continue to work on pressing social problems.

His greatest achievement, he says,  was leading New Zealand through the aftermath of the 2008 recession.

In the weeks before his knighthood, Mr Key said prime ministers usually receive honours. But he says the stories that touch the honours committee’s heart the most are those like the 92-year-old nun who lives in Temuka and who gave her life to serving the people of that community, rather than those at the top of the tree.


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