Excommunicated Nigerian priest Patrick Edet launches ministry

Former Nigerian priest Patrick Edet, who was excommunicated last month, has officially launched his own church.

Edet has begun a “mega revival” programme using his outreach.

While serving as a priest, Edet ran a ‘Pentecostal-styled’ Grace Family Outreach fellowship within the Catholic structure.

Although the church has barred Catholics from relating with Edet, some have been attending the mega-revival programme.

They are attending despite warnings from the bishop of the diocese, John Ayah.

He says any Catholic member who attends the programme or identifies with Edet in any way “does so at the risk of his or her Catholic faith and membership.”

Edet’s eight-day programme, “The Great Awakening”, is being held in a city hall. It has been attracting large crowds each day.


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