Judging Jeremy: Catholic outrage as Corbyn receives communion

Jeremy Corbyn and his right to receive holy communion is a hot topic in Catholic UK at the moment.

Media reports are broadcasting statements about his faith – or lack of it.

He’s not a Catholic says one source. He’s agnostic, says another. Perhaps he’s an atheist, says yet another. He has his own opinions- so what’s the story?

The problem began when Corbyn, who is the British Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition, was observed receiving communion at a Catholic funeral.

As non-Catholics are forbidden by church law from accepting communion, this action caused comment.

“Most Catholics would think that was disrespecting the faith quite considerably.

“Even Anglicans are normally told at Mass that they are welcome to come up for a blessing but they do not take Communion,” Clare Bowskill of the Latin Mass Society said.

The Labour Party confirmed Corbyn was at the funeral and that he was not a Catholic.

It has declined to comment on whether he received communion.

Corbyn is widely touted as being agnostic.

Despite the reports and speculation, Corbyn has refused to comment on his personal beliefs.

However, when he was asked in 2015 whether he was an atheist, he said: “There are so many things about me written that are unfair, unjust and ill-searched that it would be wrong. I’m not going any further than that, belief is a private thing.”

The Diocese of Westminster, which is responsible for the church Corbyn was attending at the time, said it expected celebrants to be “in full communion with the Catholic Church” to receive Communion.


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