Vatican recalls child pornography diplomat from Washington

The Vatican is investigating a Holy See diplomat accused of accessing child pornography while stationed in Washington DC.

Last month the United States government notified the Holy See of  “a possible violation of laws relating to child pornography images” by a priest working as a diplomat in Washington.

Despite the US State Department asking the Vatican to lift the man’s diplomatic immunity because of its suspicions that he had images of pre-pubescent children, it claims the Vatican denied the request three days later.

Instead, the Vatican immediately recalled the unnamed diplomat to the Holy See and began a criminal inquiry.

Defending its right to keep the name of the diplomat confidential, the Vatican has noted: “as provided by the laws in force applicable to all preliminary inquiries, the investigations carried by the Promoter of Justice are subject to investigative confidentiality.”

Pope Francis has often said he has “zero tolerance” for child abuse.


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