Calling young people: Pope’s planning a pre-synod youth summit

Pope Francis is arranging a youth summit for March next year so he can hear firsthand from young people before next September’s bishops’ synod.

“The Church wants to listen to the voice, the sensitivity, of faith and also the doubts and criticisms of young people,” he says.

The Vatican says it is inviting young people from different parts of the world to attend the summit, which is set for 19-24 March.

The group will include Catholics and others from different Christian denominations,as well as people from other religions and non-believers.

Francis says the youth summit’s conclusions will be used in the international bishops’ synod on “Young people, the Faith and Vocational Discernment”, which he is hosting.

The synod’s aim is to find ways the Catholic Church can better minister to young people.

The Vatican has already sought young people’s views through an online questionnaire.


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