Abortion is Amnesty’s top priority

Amnesty International spent €275,463 in Ireland promoting abortion in 2016.

It is the top priority for the human rights charity and accounts for more than half of Amnesty’s war chest.

The Irish Sun reports that by contrast, the human rights group spent €89,370 on stopping torture, €55,537 on anti-discrimination, €34,983 on the abolition of the death penalty and €59,074 on individuals at risk including prisoners of conscience.

The Catholic Herald reports the Irish abortion rate, even allowing for the roughly 3,500 Irish women who travel to Britain each year to have an abortion, is about one in 18 pregnancies.

The Catholic Herald contrasts this figure to the one in five UK pregnancies ending in abortion and one in four Sweedish pregnancies ending in abortion.

Amnesty wants Irish voters to erase from their constitution the Eighth Amendment, giving the unborn child the same right to life as every other human being.

Head of Amnesty in Ireland, Colm O’Gorman released a statement Friday, reading: “Women and girls have a human right to have access to safe and legal abortion services.

“For anyone opposed to women being granted this right, I can understand why they are not happy that we campaign on this issue. However, it is the gravity of human rights violations that determines Amnesty International’s position.”

Abortion is only permitted in Ireland when the life of the mother is at real and substantial risk. This amendment was inserted into the constitution following a referendum in 1983 which passed by a two-to-one margin.

This condition was inserted by way of an amendment, into the constitution, following a referendum in 1983 which passed by a two-to-one margin.

Even with this constitutional change, the Irish maternal death rate is somewhat lower than the British one.


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