Girl gives Pope call to action to protect children

A call to action has followed last week’s World Congress on Child Dignity in a Digital World.

The call is the fruit of the four-day congress that brought experts in child care, internet security, law enforcement, education and a host of other fields together in Rome. The delegates shared experiences and best practice to develop the call to action.

A young girl handed the text of the 13-point call to action – called the ‘The Declaration of Rome’ – to Pope Francis on Friday.

She told Francis she was there “on behalf of millions of young people around the world who need information and far more protection from the risks of sexual and other forms of abuse on the internet.

“Using your own words, we believe ‘a society can be judged by the way it treats its children’,” she told him.

The girl went on to point out that while technology has positive effects, it is also being used in the growing exploitation of millions of children.

The call to action specifically targets various individuals and institutions: world leaders; leaders of the world’s great religions; parliaments; leaders of technology companies; the world’s ministries of public health and the leaders of non-governmental organisations; government agencies, civil society and law enforcement groups; the world’s medical institutions; governments and private institutions; legislative bodies, private industry and religious institutions.

Pope Francis has put his full support behind the declaration.


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