Callista Gingrich US ambassador to Rome

Callista Gingrich is the United States’ new ambassador-designate to Rome, according to a statement from the US Embassy to the Holy See. The Senate confirmed her election with a vote of 70-23.

News sources say Gingrich is a practising Catholic. She is the third wife of former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich who is one of President Trump’s most vocal Catholic allies.

News sources also say Gingrich was instrumental in her husband’s conversion to the faith in 2009.

The two were married in 2000. Two years later Newt Gingrich petitioned the Archdiocese of Atlanta to annul his previous marriage on the grounds that his former wife, Marianne, had herself been previously married.

Gingrich will have her work cut out representing President Donald Trump’s views at the Vatican while respecting those of Francis.

Key differences between Trump’s views and those of Francis include the way they respond to refugees and migrants and over care for the environment.

The Senate questioned Gingrich about these differences when they interviewed her for the ambassadorial role in July.

At that time she said: “The pope and the president share a great concern about our environment,”

“If confirmed, I look forward to working with Holy See as the United States pursues a balanced approach to climate policy.”

When asked about disagreements over migrants, she said “We have a deep commitment in this country to work to forward peace and stability so people don’t have to become refugees.”

Gingrich is the former president and CEO of Gingrich Productions, a multimedia production and consulting company. She is the author of the “Ellis the Elephant” children’s American history series and co-author of “Rediscovering God in America.”

She has also produced several historical documentary films.

Previously, Gingrich served as a congressional aide in the US House of Representatives and as the President of The Gingrich Foundation which supports charitable causes.


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