Fake news: ex-Pope Benedict’s dying

A fake news report has convinced several media outlets that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is dying.

In fact, he isn’t dying. The report is “pure invention,” Benedict’s personal secretary Archbishop Georg Ganswein says.

Ganswein is also alleged to have said Benedict was “like a candle that fades slowly”.

“He is serene, at peace with God, with himself and the world,” the fake report that made its way into many media outlets continues.

“He can no longer walk without help and can no longer celebrate Mass. Please pray for our beloved Pope Benedict XVI.”

In a media interview, Ganswein refuted the rumours.

“I have received in the last two days many messages that refer to this note, and people are worried.

“It is false and wrong, and I would like to know who the author of this is.”

Ganswein says Benedict’s brother was at the Vatican to visit him last week. “Both had a good time” during the week-long visit.

Earlier this month a Coptic Catholic bishop of Egypt said Benedict is now very weak at age 90, but still “aware of everything”.


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