Churches support Samoa’s Victim Support Group

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The President of the Samoa Victim Support Group (SVSG), Siliniu Lina Chang, says church leaders of various denominations have come forward to be part a Men’s and Women’s Advocacy programme as facilitators of these counselling sessions.

Chang also acknowledged their partnership with the Ministry of Justice, Administration and Court which has referred many of the many cases to them to address.

The counselling programme organised by SVSG has been hailed a success. 700 men and women have graduated from the programmes which began in 2014.

“The programme is based primarily on counselling, a foreign concept to our people, but a support that is greatly in need for our efforts to end violence in our homes,” said Chang.

“It also includes anger management, couple counselling, alcohol and drug counselling, stress management and counselling on family issues.”

SVSG was established in 2005. Its mission is to provide an integrated, personalised and professional service to all victims of crime.

The organization was set up on a dream of a young, single lawyer who identified the difficulties faced by victims who do not have support from family members.

It was founded to care for, support and help victims of sexual crimes but, after the first few cases it handled, SVSG saw that victims in other areas also sought help.

SVSG’s work now extends to victims in any area of need, whether it be from domestic violence, from harassment in the workplace, or from poverty.

Last month SVSG was awarded the Samoa Public Service Innovation & Excellence Team Award for “Most Effective Collaborative Partnership”.

The Ministry of Justice and Courts Administration nominated the organisation for the award in recognition of SVSG’s work with the Courts.


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