US Bishops favour traditionalist Archbishop over Cupich

Archbishop Joseph Naumann has been chosen over Cardinal Blase Cupich to lead the US Bishops Conference Pro-Life Activities Committee.

The vote was 96 to 82.

The post is traditionally reserved for cardinals.

Naumann’s victory has been reported as a snub for Cupich’s progressive approach.

Like Pope Francis, Cupich’s approach focuses on dialogue and encounter.

Naumann is seen as more traditional and “a representative of the culture-warrior style of episcopal leadership”.

National Catholic Reporter columnist, Michael Sean Winters, says the vote “amounted to the bishops giving the middle finger to Pope Francis.”

Winters went on to say that, in 2008, Naumann told Governor Kathleen Sebelius that she should not go to Communion because of her pro-choice position.

Although Cardinal Raymond Burke advocated for this position, citing Canon Law 915 most bishops thought it was a mistake to “politicise the Communion rail”.

Naumann has also ordered his parishes to cease hosting Girl Scout troops.

He thought they were somehow involved with Planned Parenthood.

Cupich, on the other hand, has openly embraced the ethic of life approach.

His predecessor, Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, introduced this way of thinking.

Pope Francis supports Benardin’s perspective in this respect.

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