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Prime Minister, Ms Jacinda Ardern repeatedly says the Labour-led Government will be measured by the way it treats its most vulnerable.

Right to Life makes no apology for speaking up on behalf of women and the New Zealand’s most vulnerable; the unborn.

It speaks for the authentic feminist position, namely to oppose abortion, which is violence inflicted on women and New Zealand’s voiceless and choiceless; unborn children.

The killing of the unborn has been outlawed under the Crimes Act since 1856.

For many years, the state has identified its a duty to legislate to protect the lives of unborn children; the weakest and most defenceless members of the human family.

Crimes Act: Section 183

Jacinda Ardern, who supports the decriminalisation of abortion, claims the inclusion of abortion in the Crimes Act makes women criminals.

This is false.

Section 183, which prohibits the killing of the unborn child, states that a woman or girl may not be charged as a party to this section.

If, as the Prime Minister proposes, abortion is decriminalised, as it is, for example, in Victoria, Australia, a woman would have the right to abort the child up to 24 weeks gestation without being required to give a reason and after 24 weeks, two doctors will be required to agree that the abortion was appropriate.

The current abortion laws are those recommended by the Royal Commission on Contraception, Sterilisation and Abortion, established in 1975 by a Labour government.

The commission said, upholding the status of the unborn child: “From a biological point of view, there is no argument as to when life begins. Evidence was given to us by eminent scientists from all over the world. None of them suggested that human life begins at any other time than at conception.”

They went on to say: “From implantation to birth, changes which take place in the unborn child are of a developmental nature only. There are no changes of a qualitative nature.

“If some stage of physical or mental development has to be accepted as indicating whether or not human life is in being, so a stage may be reached at the other end of life where a person who has become senile or has lost consciousness may be disposed of.”

Child poverty and homelessness

If we, as a society deny the humanity of the unborn, and place a woman’s right to choose ahead of society’s most vulnerable the right to life, by extension, the denial of their unborn humanity is a direct threat to the most basic right of all people, the right to life.

A lot is being made by Ms Ardern about child poverty and homelessness.

Could I suggest, the ultimate child poverty is to be deprived of life before birth?

Could I suggest the ultimate state of homelessness is being prematurely evicted before being able to make life choices for oneself?

Our women deserve better than abortion. Our country deserves better than rendering the most vulnerable homeless.

  • Ken Orr is spokesperson for Right to Life NZ
  • Image: ODT
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