Zimbabwe’s bishops: politicians must prioritise people

People must come before all other considerations, Zimbabwe’s Catholic bishops have warned Emmerson Mnangagwa and other political leaders.

Mnangagwa has been chosen to succeed 93-year old Robert Mugabe as head of a transitional government.

He is the African nation’s former vice-president.

Mugabe was ousted following a military coup.

Accusations of economic mismanagement and violating the constitution during elections surrounded his departure.

During the past week, Zimbabwe’s bishops have said they are concerned about the future of the country.

“The Church has keenly and prayerfully followed the recent tense events in the country,” they wrote in a Pastoral Letter dated 19 November.

“We, your Shepherds, encourage those central to these delicate processes … to work tirelessly for a peaceful end to the crisis and to a speedy return to normalcy and Constitutional order.

“Let us be mindful of the fact that … the entire population is concerned about the process as well as the future of the country.”

Mnangagwa has responded positively to the bishops’ pleas, promising an era of “unfolding democracy”.

His selection as the country’s new transitional leader appears to be popular with the people.

His motorcade was cheered as it made its way through Harare to the ruling Zanu (PF) party headquarters on Wednesday.

He was sworn in as president yesterday.

During the transition of power and governance, the Catholic bishops are encouraging the development of “free and fair elections, referenda and consultations.”

They are also prioritising a nationwide respect for life.

“All life is precious. The preservation of lives must be paramount and for that, it is essential that peace, law and order be maintained especially in these most delicate times,” the bishops said.


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