Cardinal Ribat warns against ignoring AIDS and HIV


In his message for World AIDS Day, December 1, Cardinal Sir John Ribat said people in Papua New Guinea are almost forgetting about HIV and AIDS.

Ribat is the Archbishop of Port Moresby and the chairman of Papua New Guinea Christian Leaders Alliance.

“I’m afraid to say that people and the Government are thinking that this is a small thing now and is not of grave concern.

“But the alarming situation is that while we stop thinking about it and worrying about it, it continues to rise and this a worrying thing for me.”

Ribat asked people to think seriously about this issue and not to engage in practices that would allow this virus to continue to spread and affect the people.

“Partners must be faithful in the living of their marriage promises and be faithful to one another. Abstain from sex because it is through this that this infection is spreading.”

Ribat also addressed the issue when he spoke at the UN AIDS and UN Women media awards night.

He acknowledged the efforts the journalists had made and linked it to the work being done by the churches.

“Seeing what the journalists are doing, you encourage us to be with you and help you to bring the message out clearly to the people of PNG, knowing that we are united to address these recurring issues in the country.”

Previously Ribat had addressed the issue at a service at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Koki.

He said as a church, they must be part of the lives of people living with PLHIV and AIDS and provide the love, care and support they need and stand united with them.

He encouraged the churches to put their differences aside and work in unity to address the fight against HIV and AIDS and be the voice of the needy.


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