Poland’s prime minister aims to re-Christianise the EU

Poland’s prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, has called on the European Union (EU) to return to its “proper values” and traditional Christian roots.

Morawiecki, who was sworn in as prime minister on Tuesday, says his dream is to “re-Christianise the EU.

“We want to change Europe.

“My dream is to make it Christian again, since unfortunately, in many places, people no longer sing Christmas carols, the churches are empty and are turning into museums, and this is very sad.”

Morawiecki’s comments come after the European Parliament passed a resolution threatening sanctions against Poland if it passed a series of measures.

These measures include plans to restrict abortions for foetal impairment.

The EU Parliament’s resolution says Poland’s proposals are a “serious breach of European values.”

It demands Poland “take a firm stand on women’s rights, by providing free and accessible contraception without discrimination.”

Morawiecki’s plans risk the EU cutting funds to Poland.

In response to questions about the likelihood of this happening, Morawiecki cited former French president François Hollande who told him “… you have values, we have funds.”

Poland is a “great, proud nation” that will not submit to “blackmail” from European leaders, he says.


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