French nun speaks of her miracle at Lourdes

The French nun whose recovery from decades of debilitating back pain has been declared a “miracle” has spoken of the day she stood up, removed a brace from her foot and walked normally.

For half her 68 years, Sister Bernadette Moriau had suffered from acute sciatic nerve trouble, making it hard for her to walk.

She recovered suddenly in 2008 after a trip to Lourdes.

Moriau says a few days after her return from Lourdes she felt an overwhelming sense of well-being.

She removed a brace and straightened her foot that had been twisted sideways for years and began to walk normally.

“I heard a voice saying ‘remove the apparatus’.

“In an act of faith I took it off. And to my great surprise when I took away the brace and splints, my foot was straightened out and I could move without feeling any pain.

Moriau insists she is “not a star” but just a “little sister” glad to be able to walk freely again.

Her miraculous healing is the 70th event formally recognised as an act of divine intervention at Lourdes.


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