Abortion a crime, not a health issue

“Pregnancy is not a disease and abortion is not health care.”

The comment was made in response to possible abortion law reform by Right To Life Spokesperson, Ken Orr.

“Never before in the history of New Zealand has there been an attempt to withdraw from the Crimes Act, protection for the lives of a category of vulnerable New Zealanders”, he told CathNews.

Orr labels the proposal “sinister”.

He says the proposed law change sets a precedent for the state to withdraw the protection of the Crimes Act from all people.

Family Life International has joined in opposition to the government’s intention to remove abortion laws from the Crimes Act.

Abortion is a health issue: Jacinda Adern

During the election campaign Labour leader Jacinda Ardern said she wanted to make abortion a health issue. In addition she wants to remove abortion from the Crimes Act.

The Minister of Justice, Andrew Little, is therefore consulting NZ First and the Greens on abortion law changes.

The Abortion Supervisory Committee (ASC) says it has pleaded for abortion law changes for a long time.

But Family Life International says health care is about providing for patients.

Spokesperson Michelle Kaufman says, “Health care does not end the life of one for the convenience of the other.”

Abortion Supervisory Committee

The Abortion Supervisory Committee says no Justice Minister, including the current one, has consulted it for years.

Little says he won’t consult them on the “political decision to take action”.

He says that’s a question for politicians “not those charged with monitoring the law”.

Little expects to be able to report to Parliament by the end of the year.

Any new abortion legislation would be voted on after that and, furthermore, would be a conscience vote.


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