Eat pork but be penitent says Indonesian archbishop

To fast or to feast? This was the dilemma many Chinese Catholics face over Lunar New Year, which fell on Feb. 16 this year.

The most festive day this year on the Chinese calendar was also the first Friday of Lent

Archbishop Agustinus Agus of Pontianak, who is based in West Kalimantan, where many Chinese Indonesians live, granted dispensation from the Lenten discipline of abstinence.

He urged them to abstain from eating meat but described this as their choice and said they could abstain on another day.

“If someone wants to eat pork, go ahead,” he said.

“The most important thing in my mind is that local Catholic Chinese Indonesians have penitent hearts. Penitence is not something that is only shown during the Lenten season.” Continue reading

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