Catholic tertiary education establishment board begins work

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Last year, the Catholic Bishops Conference (NZCBC) set up an establishment board to create a structure to provide Catholic tertiary education in New Zealand.

They appointed Sir Brian Roche to be the chair. He is a former senior partner of PWC New Zealand and has been chief executive of the New Zealand Post Group.

The Board members have a wide range of skills and competencies

  • Bishop Charles Drennan (NZCBC)
  • Fr Brian Cummings from the Society of Mary
  • Kate Kearins of AUT
  • John Gallaher from Forsyth Barr
  • Tony Murphy, a member of the NZCBC Finance Committee
  • Maureen Kerr, an educationalist from Christchurch
  • Loraine Elliott, a Māori health specialist from Auckland
  • Jeremy Morley, a tertiary education management specialist
  • Dame Therese Walsh, a governance specialist

Roche said he thinks Catholic Tertiary education essential for the Church – and of enormous benefit to New Zealand as a whole.

With such a diverse and experienced team, he is confident the Board will successfully revitalise New Zealand’s Catholic tertiary education through transparent and robust processes.

They will have a look at the way the new structure would work and plan a pathway for its creation.

To this end they will:

  • Assess current educational services
  • Direct and set strategy for a work plan
  • Ensure effective governance
  • Direct the establishment of an organisational structure
  • Analyse the financial implications

During initial meetings, they talked about the need to re-examine the vision for Catholic tertiary education.

They are also addressing some of the complexities involved in making changes.

The board will be assisted  by the staff of the Catholic Institute (TCI) and Good Shepherd College (GSC).

Roche said he was delighted to have members of the TCI Council and GSC Senate to assist the board’s understanding of existing tertiary education being provided by the Church.

Gerald Scanlan from TCI will provide project support to the Board.

Roche said Scanlan will help to ensure a smooth transition because he brings a strong mix of skills and management expertise in working with the Board.

Scanlan will collaborate with Fr Merv Duffy of GSC.

The Board will make sure the needs of students are foremost.

And it will keep NZQA informed about the transition process.

In the course of the transition, the TCI Council and GSC Senate will remain in place to provide oversight of their own institutions during the time of transition.


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