Spanish Carmelite nuns join Me Too movement

Spanish Carmelite nuns have added their support to the Me Too movement.

The international movement against sexual harassment and assault has spread rapidly since last October. It is used to show the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment.

The Carmelite nuns published a post committing their support to Me Too last week. This followed a court acquitting five men of rape charges for an attack on a young woman during a festival in Pamplona, Spain, in 2016.

The men (known as the Wolf Pack) filmed seven short videos of the attack. They then left their victim alone and naked in an alley. The videos were used as evidence in court.

The police who worked the case testified that the videos are “revolting” and that the victim didn’t participate willingly.

However, the judge held that since she “kept her eyes closed” and had a “passive attitude,” no violence was involved.

According to Spanish law, the charge of sexual abuse differs from rape in that it doesn’t involve violence or intimidation.

The defence alleged the victim felt intimidated and unwillingly became submissive.

The trial sparked a Spanish version of the “Me Too” movement.

Although the nuns cannot leave the cloister, they joined the national protests about the judge’s decision via social media.

They say they are showing solidarity with the victim and “with every woman who has to think twice before going through a dark street alone or before they go home on their own.”


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