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A former archbishop of Guam has attended a religious function in Rome despite having been stripped of his office.

Anthony S. Apuron lost his position in the wake of sexual abuse claims.

Apuron left Guam in 2016 after accusations that he sexually assaulted four altar boys when he was a priest.

His nephew, Mark Apuron, later accused him of raping him in a chancery bathroom nearly three decades ago, when the boy was still a teenager.

At the Rome function Apuron dressed in his bishop’s robes.

He joined cardinals and bishops as they heard a speech by Pope Francis.

The Pope spoke at the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Neocatechumenal Way (NCW) in Tor Vergata.

The Vatican stripped Apuron of his title title following a canonical trial in March.

It found him guilty of unspecified allegations.

The Vatican had imposed the penalties of privation of office upon him and prohibition of residence in the Archdiocese of Agana.

Apuron is appealing the case.

If successful, he could have his title reinstated.

Apuron has maintained his innocence.

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Guam blogger, Tim Rohr, says he believes Apuron’s attendance at the NCW event shows that the former archbishop made a deal to “take care of him.”

The church in Guam stopped the formation of new NCW communities last year.

It is reviewing the way the NCW celebrates the Eucharist.

Apuron had secretly deeded a seminary property to NCW leaders.

He had refused to comply with the Holy See’s instructions to rescind and annul the deed.

The property, later returned, is to be sold to help the archdiocese raise money for the settlement of more than 150 child sexual abuse lawsuits.



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