Fiji’s Synod Year launched in Suva


In Fiji, people gathered at the ANZ National Stadium in Suva on Sunday to attend a Eucharistic Celebration to mark the launch of the Archdiocese’s Synod Year.

The last synod took place 27 years ago.

The theme of this year’s syn­od year is Connecting in Jesus.

A pamphlet given out at the ANZ Stadium said: “To be connected in Je­sus is to take on the mission of the historical Jesus.

Jesus did not preach about himself. Rather, he preached about the coming of God’s King­dom.”

The archbishop of Suva, Peter Loy Chong, said the two main focuses of this year’s synod are:

  • The need to update people on the cur­rent teachings.
  • To reflect what has happened in Fiji since the last synod; social problems, political problems, all forms of violence, the impacts of cli­mate change and globalisation.

“The church needs to be able to respond to these problems or to at least speak about them,” the archbishop said.

“During this year, we will be holding semi­nars around various groups in Fiji with youth, women and men.

“Next year we will have a meeting and will formulate our plan for next short term and long term plans,” he said.



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