War declared by Nigerian bishop

War has been declared by Paulinus Ezeokafor, Catholic Bishop of Awka Diocese in Nigeria, following an attack on a seminary.

During the attack, a priest was shot and two people “mercilessly beaten.” The perpetrators also shot continuously at seminary rector’s residence.

The attack was allegedly carried out by Fulani herdsmen on Monday.

In response, Ezeokafor is quoted to have asked Nigerian Christians to get ready for war against the killers.

He accused the Federal Government of being insensitive to the plights of Nigerian Christians.

“Some people, somewhere have declared a full-scale war against Nigerian Christians.

“We have to be vigilant. It is obvious we are no longer needed.

“It is now a full declared war. We have to safeguard our lives. We must defend ourselves.

“We will not allow these bloodsucking demons to continue to kill and maim us like chickens,” Ezeokafor said.

The Fulani herdsmen are said to be unhappy with security men in the seminary for trying to prevent them from grazing their cattle on the institution’s land.

In contrast to Ezeokafar’s warlike response, the Catholic Bishop of Jalingo Diocese, Dr Charles Hammawa, who was shot in the attack, described the attack on the seminary and the targeting of priests as regrettable.

He urged government to be more serious in handling security issues in the country.

Rev. Fr Evaristus Bassey, Director of Caritas Nigeria, pleaded for prayers in a WhatsApp message.

“Please fathers, pray for us. Our minor seminary in Jalingo has just been attacked by the Fulani, some students are injured, some cars destroyed, two priests beaten and one shot in the leg,” he said.

A month ago the Fulani herdsmen attacked St. Ignatius Catholic Church in Nigeria’s Benue State, killing two Catholic priests and 17 parishioners.

Churches in Nigeria staged peaceful protests in various parts of the country on 29 April, protesting killings in various parts of the country.‎


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