Papal reforms will lead to several Vatican changes

Papal reforms will result in several changes being made at the Vatican during the coming months.

Pope Francis says the Office of Papal Charities, otherwise known as the pope’s almoner, will now be headed by a cardinal. The Office oversees help for the poor.

The current Papal Charities chief, Archbishop Konrad Krajewski, will be promoted. His successors will have the same rank.

Francis says this will institutionalise a higher profile for the department.

Explaining his reasons for promoting the almoner, Francis explained his vision of the “two long arms of the pope – that of being custodian of the faith, and there the work is done by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and the prefect has to be a cardinal.

“And the other long arm of the pope is the almoner, and there must be a cardinal there.

“These are the two long arms of the pope – faith and charity.”

Francis’s direction has seen Krajewski revitalise the Papal Charities office.

He is often seen on the streets of Rome in simple, non-clerical clothes helping the homeless.

He has set up shower stalls and medical facilities for the homeless, elderly and destitute near St. Peter’s Square and taken groups to the circus and on private tours of the Sistine Chapel.

Other reforms Francis discussed include:

  • Breaking with the custom of automatically naming cardinals to head major dioceses around the world. Five major Italian cities who have always had cardinals are currently without them.
  • Possibly making changes in the group of cardinal advisors from around the world known as the C-9.


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