How did the Cardinal McCarrick secret last so long?


At least fifteen years ago, I wrote a confidential email message to a few trusted friends, telling them to brace themselves.

Within a few days, I said, a major secular newspaper would break a sensational story about Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

To my surprise, the newspaper never ran the story—which finally came out 20 June.

At the time, several reporters had spoken with me about the cardinal.

Most had been unable to find anyone willing to go on record with complaints.

Rod Dreher, one of the journalists who was investigating the rumors, writes 23 June, about the frustration he felt when witnesses refused to go public.

I ran into the same brick wall; while I heard multiple accusations, without a willing witness I had only hearsay evidence.

But at least one reporter found a former seminarian who was ready to tell his story—or so I was told.

Yet that story never emerged— at least not in the mainstream media.

Today Rod Dreher reveals that a delegation had gone to Rome sometime before 2000, to caution Vatican officials against the rumored appointment of then-Archbishop McCarrick as Cardinal-archbishop of Washington.

Their advice was ignored. Continue reading

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