Solomon Islands poverty map launched

Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands has launched its first poverty map.

It has found nearly 13% of the population is poor.

Most of the poor live rurally.

It’s the first time officials have been able to measure poverty in the Islands at a village level.

As a result, the survey found that the poor number 78,500.

That compares with a total population of more than 600 thousand.

The Solomon’s National Statistics Office drew the map with help from Australia.

The map’s basis is 2012/13 Solomon’s household income and expenditure survey.

It includes data from the 2009 Solomon Islands census.

The 2012 data includes comprehensive questions on household consumption and expenditure.

The finance and treasury minister Manasseh Sogavare says it’s a challenge to bring development to rural areas.


The country faces national elections in 2019.

In addition to the current government’s actions, Sogavare says the findings will guide future leaders in reducing village poverty.

Furthermore, the Solomon’s government statistician says the poverty maps are simple to read, and show the spread of high and low poverty through the provinces.


Image credit: Solomon Star

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