Marists of Aleppo say situation improving

Marists of Aleppo say the situation in the Syrian city is improving. However unemployment and isolated attacks are still problems.

The Marists are committed to helping the poor and needy.

Nabil Antaki, who is a doctor and lay member of the Order of the Blue Marist friars, says living in Aleppo is “very expensive.”

Salaries are low and families cannot live in a dignified way, he says.

However, improvements include increasing water and electricity rations, and the markets are offering more products.

In a letter to AsiaNews, Antaki notes the economic situation is the reason many of those who fled “do not want to come back.”

From the point of view of security, he says conditions are “good” since armed groups have left and terrorists of al-Nusra have gone.

There are still mortars being thrown by rebels every day.

Last month the town had the worst day of the last 18 months “with continuous launches that caused numerous deaths and injuries.”

The Marists are continuing to provide assistance to the population.

They distribute food and health parcels, although Antaki says “these distributions must end one day.” Finding jobs must be the priority, he says.

The Marists are helping with training courses for adults to help them get work.

“In a year and a half we have already financed 50 projects and allowed more than 90 families to live off the proceeds derived from their profession,” Antaki says.


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