All the cave survivors join Adun Sarman at his thanksgiving celebration


In an act of solidarity, all his Buddhist Wild Boar teammates and their coach joined Adun Sarman at his Christian thanksgiving service.

Adun is a member of the Wild Boars football team that was trapped in the cave in Thailand.

He belongs to the of Mae Sai Grace church and has been sponsored for some years by Compassion International, a Christian organisation.

This clip shows Adun giving his testimony in front of the congregation and his fellow soccer team members.

He said they had lost all energy and all hope. The only thing that he could do was to pray.

Especially on the tenth day, he prayed for himself and all 13 of the team members to be saved.

This was just before the British divers discovered them.

Adun testified that God answered his prayer and now he will serve God and use his football to share God’s love throughout Thailand and the world.

The coach and the other 11 members of the team were ordained as monks for one week to ‘make merit’ for the ex-navy seal who died.

This is an aspect of Thai culture that leads young people to honour someone who has made such a sacrifice on their behalf.

It helps them to come to terms with their guilt.

Although Adun was not ordained in the Buddhist temple with the others, he said he will honour the ex-Seal who gave his life, by dedicating his life to be a good citizen.

It was his voice that was recorded when the British divers first discovered them.

He was the spokesman for the team as he was the only one who could speak some English.


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