Messianic Jews showing an interest in Samoa

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The Executive Director of Dugit Messianic Outreach Centre and the Senior Pastor of Adonai Roi Congregation in Israel visited Samoa last week.

Pastor Avi Mizrachi is the second Messianic Jewish leader to visit Samoa following the visit by Pastor Benjamin Berger, earlier this year.

During their visit, Avi and his wife met and prayed with senior Government officials and leaders of the private sector during a Prayer Breakfast.

The couple also visited the Head of State, His Highness Tuimaleali’ifano Va’aletoa Sualauvi II and prime minister Tuilaepa Dr Sa’ilele Malielegaoi.

The visits have been hosted by the Prayer for Israel Samoa (PFIS) group. It counts among its members, people from a number of different denominations in Samoa.

All the members of PFIS have been to Israel at one time or another. Most of them attended a conference organised by a group of Messianic Jews in October 2017.

PFIS said the visit is as part of its efforts to strengthen the understanding of Samoans about Israel and its strategic importance today.

Messianic Jews believe that Jesus is the Messiah, and that the Bible prophesies that God’s plan is for him to return to Jerusalem, prevail in an apocalyptic battle with the Antichrist.

They are closely associated with an American-born global revival movement that holds that modern-day prophets and apostles receive direct revelations from God.

They pursue the religious right’s opposition to abortion, homosexuality, and Islam.

Though there are an estimated 175,000 to 250,000 Messianic Jews in the United States and 350,000 worldwide, according to various counts, they are a tiny minority in Israel — just 10,000-20,000 people by some estimates — but growing, according to both its proponents and critics.

Messianic Jews support the occupation of Palestine not because they support the nationalistic policies of the Israeli government, but because of the role Israel plays in their “regathering at the end-times” scenario.


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